Scholarship Available international students

Scholarship Available international students

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University Name : Khazar University
Tutation fee : 5000 USD / year
Scholarship : 25%,50%,75 % For Bachelor and Master .
Scholarship : 100 % For PhD


Khazar University announces the Excellence and Merit Scholarships for distinguished international applicants who wish to pursue bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral (Ph.D.) degrees at Khazar.

These scholarships don’t cover living, travel, and other expenses. Initially, the scholarship is awarded for one year, subject to prolongation depending on the academic performance of the student.

These scholarships cover 75%, 50%, or 25% of the tuition fee on a competitive basis. Initially awarded for one year, the scholarship is subject to prolongation for the next academic year depending on the academic performance of the student.

Who can apply?

In order to be considered eligible, candidates need to:

§ Be a citizen of a country other than Azerbaijan

§ Apply to one of the Bachelor, master’s or Ph.D. programs

§ Demonstrate an excellent academic performance and high achievements at previous study level(s)

§ Demonstrate academic talent and strong motivation in the chosen field of study

How can apply?

·Find Your Program

·Send by email to [email protected] with documents

Application Deadline:

·The deadline to apply is17:00 (5:00 PM) Baku time on Wednesday,April 15, 2020.


Please download list of Faculties Below

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