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Ship captain & Marine engineer

Ship captain & Marine engineer

Ship captain & Marine engineer

Name : Marine University 

Tuition fee : 3500 USD ( 1 year accommodation , food &  tuition fee , uniform ) 

Duration : 4 years

Application deadline 25 th August 

Degree recognition : 170 Country world ( Canada , USA , Arab countries , Europe and etc  ) 
Intake : only September

About University: 


Azerbaijan marine university found 1881 and by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of July 15, 1996, on the basis of the Baku Waterways School, Azerbaijan State Maritime Academy was established as a new direction in Azerbaijan education to train maritime personnel with higher education.


 The Academy, the diploma of which is recognized by far more than 170 world countries, is a member of the International Association of Maritime Universities (IAMU), as well as, of the Academic and methodological Council of CIS Countries’ marine institutions functioning under the auspices of Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping, St. Petersburg. The Academy is also an active member of the Association of Higher Education Institutions of Caspian Littoral states and is a higher education institution cooperating bilaterally with 18 universities of 11 countries.


Faculty for International Students;
● Marine Engineering 

● Ship Captain  


Career planning 


Marine engineer  

Students who will graduate marine engineering field will get 8 international certificates for working international companies. Salary of marine engineering start with 800 -1000 USD and its increase up to 20,000 USD / month once you will be qualified chief engineer . current market most of arab countries looking for marine engineer for Drilling ships or oil rigs .Azerbaijan marine university students currently working international seas , Canada , Japan and Arab countries . 


Ship Captain


Students who will graduate Ship captain degree will get 8 international certificates for working international companies. Fresh graduate students will start their career as deck officer. Approximately salary of deck officer is 800 - 1000 USD and its increase up to 20,000 USD / month once you will be qualified Captain . You can work captain international cargo ships, cruise , and etc.


Language of Education; English 


Entry Requirement; 12-year education certificates, grades more than 60+ 

How to Apply

Eligible students have to send passport copies , 12 year education certificates , photo  (all scan ) files through email to [email protected]or have to apply though website through Apply button .

Please note that eligible students have to pay 50 USD for admission ( refundable in case can not provide admission letter ) .

After submitting files consular will contact you for further process .




Visa will be provided by Brightnord team member , once international flights open

Covid - 19


Covid – 19 is currently under government control & airports planning to open end of august. If in case of not open first semester will be online so students can join university February 2021.



  • Low tuition fees
  • Globally recognized degrees
  • Programs are in English.
  • Students will get 8 international certificates so they will eligible to work international companies.
  • Safe country as the crime rate in Azerbaijan is very less as compared to other countries.
  • Low cost of living in Azerbaijan. (150 USD per month approximately ) 
  • No discrimination among students on the basis of religion, creed, race, gender, etc.
  • Friendly environment in Azerbaijan. 


For more please contact 

[email protected]

+99450 7874295 by whatsapp